Ever since the beginning of time, people have been looking to predict the outcome of sporting matches. We’re on a mission to bring you the sports betting experience that you deserve with BetUS Sportsbook. You’ll enjoy personalized customer service, live betting, and quick payouts with no extra charge for processing.

Looking to make a successful new bet?

BetUS is an online casino offering the fastest and easiest way to wager on sports online. No visit to our shop required, just sign up and you’ll find that everything we need is with BetUS. Starting with live in-game sports betting offers, fast betting and withdrawals all the way to deposit bonuses – we are committed to empower our customers success!

Join the thousands of bettors who trust BetUS. BetUS only accepts 4 cryptocurrencies at this time, but it makes up for the lack of choice with bonuses like 8x, 50% sports deposit match, and all extraordinary betting promotions. New bettors can claim up to $1,000 by depositing through Bitcoin cryptocurrency or up to $3,750. BetUS is proud to be the first crypto sportsbook in the USA which is solely focused on offering crypto betting. Withdrawals are designed to process on-average five minutes, but can vary due to certain factors.

BetUS is a new addition to the world of crypto sports betting. Hand picked by the BetUS team, BetUS offers compelling individuals and teams from 27 different sports, along with a myriad of esports markets. They’ve got more choices than many in the market for anyone to wager on, and also offer one of must visit worlds for live sports betting.

What’s better than one sportsbook?

How about three. Bet US offers live wagering on 27 different sports, including soccer and basketball, as well as esports. The site is easy to use, has a user-friendly interface, and sports a wide range of games.

Want a sports news site that keeps up with all the sports betting news? Visit BetUS, a reputable and well-known crypto sportsbook at its newest establishment in Ithaca, NY. Ahead of recent changes in gaming regulations, BetUS has also started offering crypto bets and is welcoming anyone with 0% commission on first cryptocurrency transactions for 30 days!

BetUS has revolutionized the way the sports betting industry conducts business for years, providing bettors with one simple option and a free mobile app to bet on sports and track odds. The website’s exclusive in-house production, and a wealth of content, accompanies all of your bets, making BetUS an ideal destination for flexible betting on sports.

BetUS will provide users a home for sports betting with tight margins and deals that any sports handicapper would love. Withdrawals are fast and there are no hidden fees or entry restrictions to worry about. Offering the best odds in the industry and sweeping crypto regulations put forth by the gambling consortium of Cyprus — this California owned business has our attention.

BetUS is a trustworthy and safe place to bet on your favorite game, as well as just the general sports betting. BetUS is one of the fastest bookmakers around and offers some of the best odds in sports betting. It’s the perfect way to kick-start the weekend with some good, quality bets. Along with its unbeatable games and easy payouts, BetUS is a perfect place to enjoy a crappy day at work!

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